Why We Can't Afford the Rich (by Andrew Sayer)

Author(s): Andrew Sayer

Publisher: Policy Press
Publish date: 2015-04-15
ISBN-10: 1447320794
ISBN-13: 9781447320791
Language: English
Even as inequalities widen, the effects of austerity deepen, and
the consequences of recession linger, in many countries the
wealth of the rich has soared. Why We Can’t Afford The
Rich exposes the unjust and dysfunctional mechanisms that
allow the top 1% to siphon off wealth produced by others through
the control of property and money. Leading social scientist
Andrew Sayer shows how over the last three decades the rich
worldwide have increased their ability to hide their wealth,
create indebtedness, and expand their political influence.
Written for a wide readership, this important and accessible book
uses simple… more…

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