Test Scoring and Analysis Using SAS

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Develop your own multiple-choice tests, score students, produce student rosters (in print form or Excel), and explore item response theory (IRT). Aimed at nonstatisticians working in education or training, Test Scoring and Analysis Using SAS describes item analysis and test reliability in easy-to-understand terms, and teaches you SAS programming to score tests, perform item analysis, and estimate reliability. Maximizing flexibility, the scoring and analysis programs enable you to analyze tests with multiple versions, define alternate correct responses for selected items, and repeat the scoring with selected items deleted.

You will be guided step-by-step on how to design multiple-choice items, use analysis to improve your tests, and even detect cheating on students’ submitted multiple-choice tests. Other subjects addressed include reading in data from a variety of sources (text files and Excel workbooks, for example), detecting errors in the input data, and producing class rosters in printed form or Excel workbooks. Also included is a chapter on IRT—widely used in education to calibrate and evaluate items in tests in education such as the SAT and GRE—with instructions for running the new SAS procedure PROC IRT.

This book is part of the SAS Press program.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: What This Book Is About
Chapter 2: Reading Test Data and Scoring a Test
Chapter 3: Computing and Displaying Answer Frequencies
Chapter 4: Checking Your Test Data for Errors
Chapter 5: Classical Item Analysis
Chapter 6: Adding Special Features to the Scoring Program
Chapter 7: Assessing Test Reliability
Chapter 8: An Introduction to Item Response Theory – PROC IRT
Chapter 9: Tips on Writing Multiple-Choice Items
Chapter 10: Detecting Cheating on Multiple- Choice Tests
Chapter 11: A Collection of Test Scoring, Item Analysis, and Related Programs

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