Sudoku Programming with C (by Giulio Zambon)

Author(s): Giulio Zambon

Publisher: Apress
Publish date: 2015-03-12
ISBN-10: 1484209966
ISBN-13: 9781484209967
Language: English
Sudoku Programming with C teaches you
how to write computer programs to solve and generate Sudoku
puzzles. This is a practical book that will provide you with
everything you need to write your own books of Sudoku Classic and
Samurai puzzles. But be warned: after reading it, you'll discover
that the puzzles in your local paper are not so challenging after
We like Sudokus because they test our capacity to recognize and
interpret patterns. But how are the clues generated? Where do
those quasi-symmetrical configurations come from? When the author
explored the Web to find out, he discovered that there were many
sites that… more…

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