Stripes by Example (by Brent Watson)

Author(s): Brent Watson

Publisher: Apress
Publish date: 2015-04-30
ISBN-10: 1484209826
ISBN-13: 9781484209820
Language: English
In this 100-page book, you will find that Stripes provides a very
simple learning path, where you do not need to understand the
entire framework in order to use it. The concept of this book is
exactly that – to get you using the framework and writing code
immediately. You will be off and running in no time, and adding
to your skill set as we progress.
This book is written with exactly that learning method in mind.
No filler, no empty explanations… just code. You won't be
driving solo, however. Each code example is heavily annotated
with comments and tips, so that you not only understand each
snippet, but can also dive… more…

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