Beginning Android Wearables (by Andres Calvo)

Author(s): Andres Calvo

Publisher: Apress
Publish date: 2015-03-27
ISBN-10: 1484205189
ISBN-13: 9781484205181
Language: English
Although wearable devices have existed since the 70s, they have
only recently become mainstream. Google Glass and Android Wear
smartwatches, in particular, are relatively new devices that
provide countless opportunities for creating innovative apps with
unprecedented user experiences. Beginning Android
Wearables gives you the skills you need to take part in the
wearable revolution and to delight your users by providing the
information they need at the tips of their fingers.
This book is very practical and contains many examples that not
only show you how to write code for Glass and Android Wear, but
also demonstrate how to… more…

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