A Practical Guide to Needs Assessment (by Kavita Gupta)

Author(s): Kavita Gupta

Publisher: Pfeiffer
Publish date: 2007-01-16
ISBN-10: 0787982725
ISBN-13: 9780787982720
Language: English
Description: This thoroughly revised edition of the best-selling resource A
Practical Guide to Needs Assessment offers a practical and
comprehensive guide for practitioners who are responsible for
Introducing a training program
Creating adult education programs
Assessing the development needs of a workforce
Improving individual, group, organization or
interorganizational performance in the workplace
Implementing community, national, or international
development interventions
Designed as a resource for practitioners, this book is filled
with how-to information, tips, and case studies. It shows how to
use data-based needs… more…

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