Testing and Securing Android Studio Applications

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Debug and secure your Android applications with Android Studio

About This Book

  • Explore the foundations of security and learn how to apply these measures to create secure applications using Android Studio
  • Create effective test cases, unit tests, and functional tests to ensure your Android applications function correctly
  • Optimize the performance of your app by debugging and using high-quality code

Who This Book Is For

If you are a developer with some Android knowledge, but you do not know how to test your applications using Android Studio, this book will guide you. It is recommended that you are familiar with Android Studio IDE.

In Detail

Today, mobile applications are increasingly being used to access the Web. Mobile developers play a key role in how consumers access the Web with millions of people depending on them to create secure and functional applications. This book, beginning with the fundamentals of Android security, will guide you through the process of creating a secure and debugged application. We will look at the Android Studio development environment and take you through the steps needed to protect your local data and secure your network communications.

Initially covering the threats, risks, and vulnerabilities in software and in the Android environment, this book will then dig deeper, exploring different types of authentication methods that can be adopted in your Android application. You will be introduced to techniques and classes to test your application, before finally learning about supporting tools that will help you to improve your application.

By the end of this book, your Android application will be debugged and secure and you will be able to apply what you’ve learned to further application projects.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Introduction to Software Security
Chapter 2. Security in Android Applications
Chapter 3. Monitoring Your Application
Chapter 4. Mitigating Vulnerabilities
Chapter 5. Preserving Data Privacy
Chapter 6. Securing Communications
Chapter 7. Authentication Methods
Chapter 8. Testing Your Application
Chapter 9. Unit and Functional Tests
Chapter 10. Supporting Tools
Chapter 11. Further Considerations

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