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Create your very own portfolio of customized web applications with PrimeFaces

Who This Book Is For

If you are a Java developer with experience of frontend UI development, and want to take the plunge to develop stunning UI applications with the most popular JSF framework, PrimeFaces, then this book is for you. For those with entrepreneurial aspirations, this book will provide valuable insights into how to utilize successful business models.

About This Book

    • Learn how to use the rich UI components of PrimeFaces
    • Explore all the major features of PrimeFaces with real-world examples
    • Step-by-step guide with precise explanations of code and functionalities

In Detail

Through this book, you will gain practical experience in building web applications for a variety of business models. Starting with a basic application that will help you get acquainted with UI application development using PrimeFaces, you will learn about the significance of Ajax components. You will then be introduced to code compilation and generation in PrimeFaces. Following our first application, you will learn how to develop an employee registration application utilizing the form components of PrimeFaces. You will then learn how to use the layout and grouping components demonstrated through a POS application.

Finally, you will discover how to build rich and interactive applications such as an online shopping cart, a movie portal, an e-commerce application, a news portal, an online chat messenger, and also a healthcare products application, each illustrating the intuitive components offered by PrimeFaces.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Creating a “Hello World” Application
Chapter 2. Creating an Employee Registration Application
Chapter 3. Creating a Simple Restaurant Point of Sale Application
Chapter 4. Global Mutual Funds Tracking
Chapter 5. Investor Information Analysis and Reporting
Chapter 6. Creating a Simple Online Shopping Cart Application
Chapter 7. Creating an Online Video Portal Application
Chapter 8. Creating an Online Printing Station Application
Chapter 9. Creating an Online Chat Application
Chapter 10. Creating a Healthcare Products Application

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