Prezi Cookbook

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Over 100 simple but incredible recipes to create dynamic, engaging, and beautiful presentations using Prezi

About This Book

  • Create eye-catching presentations that zoom and turn
  • Create interactive presentations from scratch by adding images, animations, frames, and more
  • Step-by-step guide to understand how to make great Prezi presentations

Who This Book Is For

This book is intended for both beginners who want to get started with Prezi as well as experienced users who want to enhance their knowledge of Prezi. If you are a seasoned presenter, you can use this book to quickly transfer your presentation skills to Prezi. If you are new to presenting, the guidelines and tips in this book take you by the hand and guide you to complete mastery of Prezi.

In Detail

Prezi is the presentation tool of the future. Its amazing canvas lets you easily create presentations that have high impact.

This book will take you from inserting and editing images to making your presentations come to life. It will teach you how to make use of features like animation, frames, paths, zoom and turn, and much more. The book will then move on to cover how to enhance your project, reusing PowerPoint, and adding sounds and video effects to Prezi. You will go on to cover Prezi on different devices, such as smartphones and iPad. Finally, making it easy for you to use Prezi’s state-of-the-art tools, you will be ready to stand strong as a presenter using Prezi.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Administer Your Account and Your Prezi
Chapter 2. Inserting Text, Images, and Links
Chapter 3. Symbols and Shapes, Lines and Arrows
Chapter 4. Editing Elements on the Canvas
Chapter 5. Path and Steps
Chapter 6. Frames and Prezi Ratio
Chapter 7. Zoom and Turn
Chapter 8. Animation
Chapter 9. Reuse Favorite Frames and Elements
Chapter 10. Media Files in Prezi
Chapter 11. Templates, Colors, and Fonts
Chapter 12. Presenting with Prezi
Chapter 13. Prezi on Other Devices
Chapter 14. PowerPoint and Prezi
Chapter 15. Sharing and Collaborating

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