Best Practice in Inventory Management (by Tony Wild)

Author(s): Tony Wild

Publisher: Wiley
Publish date: 1998-03-16
ISBN-10: 1841270504
ISBN-13: 9780471253419
Language: English
Description: A groundbreaking, up-to-date look at the Best Practice in Inventory
"This book is aimed to show how good inventory control can be
used in practice. It is a result of working continuously on
inventory control with a large number of companies over many
years. It contains the distilled techniques which have been tried
out and proved to work. . . . [It] is a driver's manual of
inventory controllers. It will cover the working of the engine
(how inventory control techniques work), how to use the controls
(what the techniques do and how to manage them), and how to get
the best out of the vehicle (how to optimize inventory)…. more…

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