Advanced UFT 12 for Test Engineers Cookbook

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Over 60 practical recipes to help you accomplish automation tasks using UFT 12 and VBScript

About This Book

  • Automate tests easily and efficiently with the help of this practical, extensive, and fast guide
  • Use advanced coding and error handling methods to become a master of efficiency
  • Full of screenshots, in-depth explanations, clear step-by-step instructions, and practical examples and tips for tackling automation tasks with ease

Who This Book Is For

This advanced cookbook is designed for software testers and engineers with previous automation experience and teaches UFT (QTP) developers advanced programming approaches. Knowledge of software testing and basic coding (with VBScript in particular) and familiarity with programming concepts are prerequisites.

In Detail

UFT (QTP) is a functional test automation tool by HP that supports a wide array of technologies for both GUI and API testing. Advanced UFT 12 for Test Engineers Cookbook will provide you with simple solutions to quite complex tasks and leverage your skills in programming with VBScript.

Unlock the full potential of UFT 12 with an introduction to its new features and functionality. Learn the industry’s best-kept secrets such as how to enhance toolset capabilities, which you never thought possible. Learn how to extend UFT 12 by overriding methods, perform DB and XML checks, and handle unexpected dialogs. We also cover the topics of object identification using descriptive programming, classes, utility and reserved objects, Windows Scripting Host (WSH), and most importantly API testing and building testware frameworks. This book is an invaluable source of reference for test engineers with clear and powerful coding examples.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Data-driven Tests
Chapter 2. Testing Web Pages
Chapter 3. Testing XML and Database
Chapter 4. Method Overriding
Chapter 5. Object Identification
Chapter 6. Event and Exception Handling
Chapter 7. Using Classes
Chapter 8. Utility and Reserved Objects
Chapter 9. Windows Script Host
Chapter 10. Frameworks

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