Leaflet.js Essentials (by Paul Crickard III)

Author(s): Paul Crickard III

Publisher: Packt Publishing – ebooks Account
Publish date: 2014-08-25
ISBN-10: 1783554819
ISBN-13: 9781783554812
Language: English
Create interactive, mobile-friendly mapping applications using
the incredibly light yet powerful Leaflet.js platform
Who This Book Is For
If you are a web developer working with geospatial concepts and
mapping APIs, and you want to learn Leaflet to create mapping
solutions, this book is for you. You need to have a basic
knowledge of working with JavaScript and performing web
application development.
About This Book
Create and customize your maps and mapping applications using
JavaScript and Leaflet.js
Leverage the features of existing libraries, plugins, and
HTML 5 geolocation APIs to enrich your mapping… more…

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