The Rockstars of (by Joel Comm)

Author(s): Joel Comm

Publisher: Morgan James Publishing
Publish date: 2015-04-21
ISBN-10: 1630475874
ISBN-13: 9781630475871
Language: English
Description: What Does it Take to Be an Online Rockstar
JVZoo is an amazing resource for entrepreneurs to turn their
knowledge into digital products and recruit hundreds or thousands
in their field to promote those products. Whether you are a
business consultant, lawyer, real estate agent, or even someone
who knows how to build the perfect birdhouse, JVZoo allows you to
put your knowledge into a format that can be sold and profited
from. While the rest of the world looks for jobs, JVZoo’s members
create their own.
In the three years that JVZoo has been around, it’s members have
generated over $100 million in sales revenue. Our members… more…

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