The $1 Prototype: A Modern Approach to Mobile UX Design and Rapid Innovation for

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  • Model customer goals, activities, and tasks as a team in less than 1 hour, without lengthy requirements?
  • Test and iterate your design 20 times before lunch, while relaxing in your favorite coffee shop?
  • Finish innovative mobile design in less than 3 weeks, with complete confidence that it works? Indeed, and much more. All At the cost of… About $1.

The $1 Prototype is the result of five years of obsessive quest to perfect a lightweight mobile design methodology. It contains the collective wisdom of more than 50 events, workshops, and university courses in 10 countries and intensive design work with Fortune 500 clients and startups, which resulted in multiple featured apps in both Apple App Store and Android Play Store. From Silicon Valley to Tel-Aviv and Dubai, Greg Nudelman, author of 4 mobile UX design books, fixated on one question: For all things mobile, what’s the most effective way to produce a design that works? Hundreds of case studies later, this book contains the answers. From Android Material Design and iOS8 to Responsive Web Design (RWD) — it’s all here, and it all works.


  • How to save *months* by designing and prototyping at the same time
  • How to rapidly model goals, activities, and tasks with storyboards
  • How to design Android Material Design and iOS8 apps
  • How to design Responsive Websites for mobile and tablet
  • How to guerrilla test 20 or more people in the single morning
  • How to design and test Google Material Design Transitions
  • When and where to do usability testing and how to ask non-leading questions
  • How to effortlessly integrate UX research and design into Agile Scrum
  • How to take advantage of Zen Buddhist awareness techniques in product visioning, design and usability testing And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

The book covers 31 questions, with 4 real-world case studies and hours of live-action video. You don’t need expensive design software, time-consuming deliverables and extensive documentation. You need simple, compelling UX techniques that produce immediate results. That’s exactly what The $1 Prototype delivers.

Table of Contents

1. What is the $1 Prototype Mobile Design Methodology?
2. How is the material in this book organized?
3. What do I need to get started with $1 Prototype methodology?

4. What do I need to draw in my storyboard?
5. How do I craft my storyboard? What tips do you have for making it interesting and effective?
6. I’m stuck. Where do I start?
7. You encourage us to just storyboard our assumptions. Isn’t it better to do some research first?
8. Why do you insist on using small square sticky notes for storyboards?
9. I got my storyboard. Now what?

10. What should I strive for when designing my mobile experience?
11. Where do I start my mobile design?
12. Are we really able to model a mobile experience effectively with a pack of sticky notes?
13. Can you give an example of an app re-design done using sticky note wireframes?
14. How do I design for Android Material Design?
15. How do I design for iOS8?
16. How do I use $1 Prototype to design Responsive Websites?

17. Are you saying don’t do any usability testing?
18. When and where should I do my usability testing?
19. What are the best practices for testing using sticky note wireframes?
20. How do I ask non-leading questions?
21. How do I test Google Material Design Transitions?
22. What if I already have a product implemented? Can I still use sticky note prototypes for testing?

23. We use Agile development process. Do we still need the $1 Prototype methodology?
24. What do you mean replace the kick-off meeting with a kick-off design workshop? Is this just a fancy name?
25. Are you saying everyone should be a designer? I don’t like that. Sounds like chaos.
26. What makes storyboards so special for mobile? What about using Personas instead?
27. I still don’t understand why we need storyboards. I think the list of requirements ought to be enough for anyone.
28. My team can’t agree on our first design.
29. What’s the best way to integrate $1 Prototype methodology into Agile Scrum?
30. What kind of graphics software do you use in your design work?
31. My developers are demanding only high-definition wireframes and refuse to look at my sticky notes. What do I do?

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