Value Investing: A Value Investor's Journey Through The Unknown (by J. Lukas Neely)

Author(s): J. Lukas Neely

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publish date: 2015-03-23
ISBN-10: 1511455543
ISBN-13: 9781511455541
Language: English
Description: "Finally! Lukas Neely lays out the path to mastery of value
investing in an incredibly understandable, easy-to-read and
enjoyable way. This book will benefit dyed-in-the-wool value
investors and newcomers alike. Highly recommended!" – John
Mihaljevic, The Manual of Ideas 50% of book proceeds go to the
Non-Profit Family Resource Center in Lukas' home town (US Virgin
Islands). Lukas Neely is a former Hedge Fund Portfolio Manager. He
gave up his "cush" job to help individuals invest better. Plain and
simple! You know how frustrating investing can be when you are
trying to find great investment ideas and opportunities? He helps
solve this. Based on… more…

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