NoSQL for Mere Mortals (by Dan Sullivan)

Author(s): Dan Sullivan

Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional
Publish date: 2015-05-04
ISBN-10: 0134023218
ISBN-13: 9780134023212
Language: English
The Easy, Common-Sense Guide to Solving Real Problems with NoSQL
The Mere Mortals ® tutorials have earned worldwide
praise as the clearest, simplest way to master essential database
technologies. Now, there’s one for today’s exciting new NoSQL
databases. NoSQL for Mere Mortals guides you through
solving real problems with NoSQL and achieving unprecedented
scalability, cost efficiency, flexibility, and availability.
Drawing on 20+ years of cutting-edge database experience, Dan
Sullivan explains the advantages, use cases, and terminology
associated with all four main categories of NoSQL databases:… more…

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