Digital Community, Digital Citizen (by Jason B. Ohler)

Author(s): Jason B. Ohler

Publisher: Corwin
Publish date: 2010-08-31
ISBN-10: 1412971446
ISBN-13: 9781412971447
Language: English
An all-inclusive roadmap to citizenship in the 21st
Best-selling author, educator, and futurist Jason Ohler
challenges all readers to redefine our roles as citizens in
today’s globally connected infosphere. His text aligns the
process of teaching digital citizenship with the ISTE standards
definition, and uses an “ideal school board” device to address
fears, opportunities, and the critical issues of character
education. These issues include:
Cyberbullying, “sexting,” and other safety concerns
Students’ ability to creatively access and critically assess
Respect and… more…

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