Cyber Attack, CyberCrime, CyberWarfare – CyberComplacency

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Cyber Attack, CyberCrime, CyberWarfare – CyberComplacency: Is Hollywood’s blueprint for Chaos coming true

“Cyber Attack, CyberCrime, CyberWarfare – CyberComplacency” is one of the few books that covers destructive Computer Network Attacks in the Internet and in CyberSpace. It is an in-depth reference that covers DDOS from motivation, identification, analysis and mitigation.

By the author of the consistently top-selling in class “How to Cheat at Managing Information Security” and like that book, proceeds go to charity. Osborne starts with Network/Internet provider business practices and existing monitoring & detection systems. It shows the current focus on other forms of attacks including traditional electronic espionage, counter-terrorism and malware. It then describes various mechanisms for estimation of Cyberattack impact covering direct cost, indirect cost, and customer churn.

It gradually drills down covering the various attacks types – right down to the packet trace level, and how to detect them. These chapters are culminated with a full description of mitigation techniques, traditional and cutting edge – again these are described in clear English but reinforced with common device configuration for the technical reader.

The penultimate section highlights details of vulnerabilities in the Physical, Human, Mobile Apps, SCADA, Software security, BGP, and DNS elements of Cybersecurity. These include those that are currently utilised, that were predicted and have since been exploited during the publication process, and those that have yet to be leveraged.

The last chapter explores the concept of a Firesale and how Hollywood’s blueprint for Armageddon could be implemented in reality.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Introduction
Chapter 2: The Internet is a Business——Understanding the E-Economy Platform
Chapter 3: Who Monitors the Internet
Chapter 4: Monitoring Tools and Techniques
Chapter 5: Hardware Architecture of a Probe
Chapter 6: Software Architecture of a Probe
Chapter 7: Types of DDOS Attack
Chapter 8: DDOS Detection
Chapter 9: DDOS Mitigation
Chapter 10: Cyber-Attack Case Study
Chapter 11.0: The Weak Points
Chapter 11.1: Physical Vulnerabilities
Chapter 11.2: BGP Vulnerabilities
Chapter 11.3: DNS Vulnerabilities
Chapter 11.4: The Software Threat
Chapter 11.5: A Growing Zombie Army
Chapter 11.6: ICS and SCADA
Chapter 12: The Fire Sale: Hollywood’s Blueprint for Chaos

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