Minecraft Redstone For Dummies (by Cordeiro)

Author(s): Cordeiro

Publisher: For Dummies
Publish date: 2014-10-13
ISBN-10: 1118968301
ISBN-13: 9781118968307
Language: English
Description: The indispensable primer for achieving redstone greatness
Minecraft Redstone For Dummies is the complete guide to
finding, using, and maximizing the power of redstone in the
Minecraft world. This key element is essential for crafting and
brewing, and can be placed on the ground as redstone dust – a
flat, transparent block that can transmit redstone power, the
major component of most redstone circuits. Written by a
recognized Minecraft expert, this useful guide walks you through
mining, smelting, and other methods of obtaining redstone, and
teaches you how to make the most of your redstone stores. Craft a
compass, piston,… more…

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