Apache Oozie: The Workflow Scheduler for Hadoop

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Get a solid grounding in Oozie, the workflow scheduler for Hadoop jobs. With this practical guide, two experienced Hadoop practitioners teach you Oozie concepts and caveats through lots of examples. You’ll learn how to set up an Oozie server and run jobs, then dive into Oozie workflow techniques: coordinating workflows, bundling applications, and writing to them.

Advanced topics show you how to use Oozie to submit MapReduce, Pig, and Hive jobs directly, and how to use Oozie’s security capabilities.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Introduction to Oozie
Chapter 2. Oozie Concepts
Chapter 3. Setting Up Oozie
Chapter 4. Oozie Workflow Actions
Chapter 5. Workflow Applications
Chapter 6. Oozie Coordinator
Chapter 7. Data Trigger Coordinator
Chapter 8. Oozie Bundles
Chapter 9. Advanced Topics
Chapter 10. Developer Topics
Chapter 11. Oozie Operations

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