Web Security: A WhiteHat Perspective

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In late 2013, approximately 40 million customer debit and credit cards were leaked in a data breach at Target. This catastrophic event, deemed one of the biggest data breaches ever, clearly showed that many companies need to significantly improve their information security strategies. Web Security: A White Hat Perspective presents a comprehensive guide to web security technology and explains how companies can build a highly effective and sustainable security system.

In this book, web security expert Wu Hanqing reveals how hackers work and explains why companies of different scale require different security methodologies. With in-depth analysis of the reasons behind the choices, the book covers client script security, server applications security, and Internet company security operations. It also includes coverage of browser security, cross sites script attacks, click jacking, HTML5/PHP security, injection attacks, authentication, session management, access control, web frame security, DDOS, leaks, Internet transactions security, and the security development lifecycle.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: View of the IT Security World
Chapter 2: Security of Browser
Chapter 3: Cross-Site Scripting Attack
Chapter 4: Cross-Site Request Forgery
Chapter 5: Clickjacking
Chapter 6: HTML5 Securities
Chapter 7: Injection Attacks
Chapter 8: File Upload Vulnerability
Chapter 9: Authentication and Session Management
Chapter 10: Access Control
Chapter 11: Encryption Algorithms and Random Numbers
Chapter 12: Web Framework Security
Chapter 13: Application-Layer Denial-of-Service Attacks
Chapter 14: PHP Security
Chapter 15: Web Server Configuration Security
Chapter 16: Security of Internet Business
Chapter 17: Security Development Lifecycle
Chapter 18: Security Operations

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