Trust In Market Relationships (by Sandro Castaldo)

Author(s): Sandro Castaldo

Publisher: Edward Elgar Pub
Publish date: 2008-01-08
ISBN-10: 1845427610
ISBN-13: 9781845427610
Language: English
Description: "Trust in Marketing Relationships" illustrates that the importance
of trust has intensified as markets have become more complex.
Sandro Castaldo attempts to order the analytical complexity and
myriad perspectives that characterise research on trust. He aims
not to simplify this complexity, but to present guidelines for an
interpretative model of trust, and to define fundamental concepts
for trust management strategies. Issues explored include: the
nature of trust, the relevance of trust to firms' intangible assets
and value creation; dimensions of trust in marketing studies;
psychological, sociological and organizational studies and the… more…

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