Hedge Funds: Definitive Strategies and Techniques (by IMCA)

Author(s): IMCA

Publisher: Wiley
Publish date: 2003-08-27
ISBN-10: 0471463094
ISBN-13: 9780471463092
Language: English
Description: A well-rounded hedge fund guide for the serious financial
professional Alternative investment strategies-hedge funds in
particular-have experienced a significant resurgence recently,
largely in response to the dramatic downturn of the global equity
markets. In response to this explosion in popularity, this book
focuses on many of the best moneymaking strategies related to these
alternative investment vehicles. IMCA (The Investment Management
Consultants Association) is a professional association established
in 1985, representing the investment consulting profession in the
U.S. and Canada. Kenneth S. Phillips is a member of the IMCA
Advisory Council… more…

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