iOS Game Programming Cookbook

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Over 45 interesting game recipes that will help you create your next enthralling game

About This Book

  • Learn to create 2D graphics with Sprite Kit, game physics, AI behaviours, 3D game programming, and multiplayer gaming
  • Use native iOS frameworks for OpenGL to create 3D textures, allowing you to explore 3D animations and game programming
  • Explore powerful iOS game features through detailed step-by-step recipes

Who This Book Is For

This book is for developers who are willing to explore iOS game programming in depth.

Good knowledge level and understanding of iOS game development will be an added advantage. You should already have a working installation of Xcode and Sprite kit.

In Detail

As mobile game development is increasing in popularity, iOS Game Programming Cookbook offers a cutting-edge platform for you to visualize and strengthen your game ideas and implementation. You will start by understanding the concepts of SpriteKit and implement them in your games. You will learn about the particle system, game center, and how to analyze game performance, followed by how to use SpriteKit’s built-in physics simulation and integrate the physics world in the game with bodies that have joints and can detect collisions in your projects. Next, you will pump up the volume in your game by adding music with iCloud support.

Moving on, you will add various AI behaviors and obstacle avoidance in your games. You will also get the chance to refresh your mathematics and physics skills to get a deeper understanding of game AI. By the end of the book, you will have created a multiplayer game!

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. iOS Game Development
Chapter 2. SpriteKit
Chapter 3. Animations and Texture
Chapter 4. Particle System and Game Performance
Chapter 5. Adding Music to iOS Games and an Introduction to iCloud
Chapter 6. Physics Simulation
Chapter 7. Adding Reality to Games
Chapter 8. Introduction to Game Math and Physics
Chapter 9. Autonomous Moving Agents
Chapter 10. 3D Game Programming with OpenGL
Chapter 11. Getting Started with Multiplayer Games
Chapter 12. Implementing Multiplayer Games

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