Getting a Big Data Job For Dummies (by Jason Williamson)

Author(s): Jason Williamson

Publisher: For Dummies
Publish date: 2015-01-12
ISBN-10: 1118903404
ISBN-13: 9781118903407
Language: English
Description: Hone your analytic talents and become part of the next bigthing
Getting a Big Data Job For Dummies is the ultimate guideto
landing a position in one of the fastest-growing fields in
themodern economy. Learn exactly what "big data" means, why it's
soimportant across all industries, and how you can obtain one of
themost sought-after skill sets of the decade. This book walks
youthrough the process of identifying your ideal big data job,
shapingthe perfect resume, and nailing the interview, all in
oneeasy-to-read guide.
Companies from all industries, including finance,
technology,medicine, and defense, are harnessing massive… more…

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