Arduino: A Quick-Start Guide (by Maik Schmidt)

Author(s): Maik Schmidt

Publisher: Pragmatic Bookshelf
Publish date: 2015-01-30
ISBN-10: 1941222242
ISBN-13: 9781941222249
Language: English
Arduino is an open-source platform that makes DIY electronics
projects easier than ever. Gone are the days when you had to
learn electronics theory and arcane programming languages before
you could even get an LED to blink. Now, with this new edition of
the bestsellingArduino: A Quick-Start Guide, readers with
no electronics experience can create their first gadgets quickly.
This book is up-to-date for the new Arduino Zero board, with
step-by-step instructions for building a universal remote, a
motion-sensing game controller, and many other fun, useful
This Quick-Start Guide is packed with fun, useful devices to… more…

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