BGP Design and Implementation (by Randy Zhang, Micah Bartell)

Author(s): Randy Zhang, Micah Bartell

Publisher: Cisco Press
Publish date: 2003-12-22
ISBN-10: 1587051095
ISBN-13: 9781587051098
Language: English
Learn practical guidelines for designing and deploying a scalable
BGP routing architecture
Up-to-date coverage of BGP features like performance tuning,
multiprotocol BGP, MPLS VPN, and multicast BGP
In-depth coverage of advanced BGP topics to help design a
complex BGP routing architecture
Practical design tips that have been proven in the field
Extensive configuration examples and case studies
BGP Design and Implementation focuses on real-world
problems and provides not only design solutions, but also the
background on why they are appropriate and a practical overview
of how they apply into a top-down… more…

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