Organizational Behavior: Managing People and Organizations, 11th Edition

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Prepare today to become a strong, effective manager tomorrow with the powerful insights, solid concepts, and reader-friendly approach in ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR: MANAGING PEOPLE AND ORGANIZATIONS, Eleventh Edition. This text equips readers with the skills and practical understanding to meet the management challenges of a new century. Readers delve into the fundamentals of human behavior in today’s organizations as the book balances classic management ideas with thorough coverage of the most recent OB developments and contemporary trends. Memorable examples from instantly recognizable organization are woven throughout the book and work with fresh new cases and proven boxed features that focus on pressing issues and reinforce the book’s practical perspective. Readers find themselves well equipped and energized for the most exciting task of tomorrow: managing people effectively within competitive organizations. Available with InfoTrac Student Collections

Table of Contents

Part 1: Introduction to Organizational Behavior
Chapter 1: An Overview of Organizational Behavior
Chapter 2: The Changing Environment of Organizations

Part 2: Individual Processes in Organizations
Chapter 3: Foundations of Individual Behavior
Chapter 4: Motivation in Organizations
Chapter 5: Motivating Employee Performance through Work
Chapter 6: Motivating Employee Performance through Rewards
Chapter 7: Managing Stress and the Work-Life Balance
Chapter 8: Decision Making and Problem Solving

Part 3: Interpersonal Processes in Organizations
Chapter 9: Foundations of Interpersonal and Group Behavior
Chapter 10: Using Teams in Organizations
Chapter 11: Communication in Organizations
Chapter 12: Traditional Models for Understanding Leadership
Chapter 13: Contemporary Views of Leadership in Organizations
Chapter 14: Power, Politics, and Organizational Justice
Chapter 15: Conflict and Negotiation in Organizations

Part 4: Organizational Processes and Characteristics
Chapter 16: Foundations of Organization Structure
Chapter 17: Organization Design
Chapter 18: Organization Culture
Chapter 19: Organization Change and Development

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