Learning Qlik Sense: The Official Guide

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Get to grips with the vision of Qlik Sense for next generation business intelligence and data discovery

About This Book

  • Get insider insight on Qlik Sense and its new approach to business intelligence
  • Create your own Qlik Sense applications, and administer server architecture
  • Explore practical demonstrations for utilizing Qlik Sense to discover data for sales, human resources, and more

Who This Book Is For

Learning Qlik® Sense is for anyone seeking to understand and utilize the revolutionary new approach to business intelligence offered by Qlik Sense. Familiarity with the basics of business intelligence will be helpful when picking up this book, but not essential.

In Detail

The intuitive and powerful Qlik Sense analytics software allows anyone to engage in data discovery, to explore your data and find meaningful insights to empower your business. Qlik Sense lets you easily create personalized reports and visualizations, and reveal essential connections to show new opportunities from every angle.

Written by members of the Qlik Sense team, Learning Qlik® Sense is the official guide from Qlik to understanding and using their powerful new product. Benefit from the vision behind the development of Qlik Sense and get to grips with how Qlik Sense can empower you as a data discovery consumer. Learn how to create your own applications for Qlik Sense to customize it to meet your personal needs for business intelligence, and how to oversee and administer the Qlik Sense data architecture. Finally, explore utilizing Qlik Sense to uncover essential data, with practical examples on finding and visualizing intelligence for sales figures, human resources information, travel expense tracking, and demographic data discovery.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Why Develop Qlik Sense?
Chapter 2. What is Data Discovery?
Chapter 3. The Vision of Qlik Sense
Chapter 360-degree customer view
Chapter 4. Overview of a Qlik Sense Application’s Life Cycle
Chapter 5. Empowering Next Generation Data Discovery Consumers
Chapter 6. Contributing to Data Discovery
Chapter 7. Creating Engaging Applications
Chapter 8. Administering Qlik Sense
Chapter 9. Sales Discovery
Chapter 10. Human Resource Discovery
Chapter 11. Travel Expense Discovery
Chapter 12. Demographic Data Discovery

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