Exploring Leadership: Individual, Organizational, and Societal Perspectives

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Are leaders born or made? Does each society get the leaders it deserves? How–and why–is leadership “rhetoric” different from leadership in reality?

Leadership is one of the most talked about yet least understood concepts in current business and society. This book explores how theoretical models and views of leadership have evolved over time, how leadership should be discussed from individual, organizational, and societal perspectives, and the perennial dilemmas and emerging perspectives of leadership. Positioning its discussion within a multidisciplinary framework that touches on management, sociology, philosophy, anthropology, history, literature, and politics, this book examines and critiques the common assumptions that inform the ways in which leaders and leadership is recognized, rewarded, and developed. It provides a valuable and thought-provoking overview for students and academics interested in leadership and management, practicing leaders, leadership development consultants, and policy makers.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Introduction: Exploring Leadership
Chapter 2 Theoretical Perspectives on Leadership
Chapter 3 Individual Perspectives on Leadership
Chapter 4 Organizational Perspectives on Leadership
Chapter 5 Societal Perspectives on Leadership
Chapter 6 Emerging Perspectives and Enduring Dilemmas in Leadership
Chapter 7 Conclusion: Where Next for Leadership Studies?

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