Drupal 8 Configuration Management (by Stefan Borchert, Anja Schirwinski)

Author(s): Stefan Borchert, Anja Schirwinski

Categories: Computers > Development
Publisher: Packt Publishing – ebooks Account
Publish date: 2015-03-27
ISBN-10: 1783985208
ISBN-13: 9781783985203
Language: English
Make the most of Drupal 8's coolest new feature―the
Configuration Management system
About This Book
Understand Configuration Management from a non-developer
Achieve a faster moving configuration between environments
Create custom configuration inside your own modules
Who This Book Is For
Drupal 8 Configuration Management is intended for people who use
Drupal 8 to build websites, whether you are a hobbyist using
Drupal for the first time, a long-time Drupal site builder, or a
professional web developer.
In Detail
With all the complex configuration options of Drupal, the
Configuration… more…

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