SAP Basis Administration Handbook, NetWeaver Edition

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Implement a powerful end-to-end SAP administration solution

Get peak performance from your SAP ERP infrastructure using the detailed implementation, maintenance, and support information in this comprehensive resource. SAP Basis Administration Handbook, NetWeaver Edition delivers integrated management strategies covering both ABAP and Java stacks. Discover how to deploy components, accurately size throughout, configure Oracle databases, back up your system, and repair performance problems. Career trends, certification requirements, and marketable SAP Basis skills are also discussed in this practical guide.

Essential Skills for SAP Professionals:

  • Plan, prepare, and install SAP NetWeaver Application Server
  • Set up, configure, and troubleshoot Java and ABAP stacks
  • Establish server infrastructure and efficiently balance workloads
  • Incorporate transport management and software logistics
  • Resolve performance issues and startup problems
  • Access SAP support infrastructure through SAP Service Marketplace
  • Manage and back up Oracle databases using BR*TOOLS
  • Perform system copies, stack upgrades, and OS/DB migrations

Table of Contents

Part I: Sap Netweaver Introduction And Architecture
Chapter 1 Sap Netweaver And Business Suite Introduction
Chapter 2 Sap Netweaver Application Server Abap Overview
Chapter 3 Sap Netweaver Application Server Java Overview
Chapter 4 Sap Erp Integration Overview With Other Systems

Part II: Sap Installation
Chapter 5 Sap Abap And Java Stack Installation Preparation
Chapter 6 Sap Abap And Java Stack Installation
Chapter 7 Sap Abap And Java Stack Post-Installation
Chapter 8 Installing Sap Stand-Alone Systems

Part III: Sap Software Logistics
Chapter 9 Sap System Landscapes In Abap And Java Stacks
Chapter 10 Sap Client Administration In Abap Systems
Chapter 11 Sap Transport Management System In Abap Systems
Chapter 12 Sap Software Logistics For Java Systems
Chapter 13 Sap Complex System Landscapes

Part IV: Sap Basis Services
Chapter 14 Sap Processes In An Abap Stack
Chapter 15 Sap Processes In Java Stack

Part V: Sap Monitoring And Troubleshooting
Chapter 16 Structured Monitoring And Analysis
Chapter 17 Solution Manager Installation And Monitoring
Chapter 18 Sap Service Marketplace Administration

Part VI: Database Management In Sap
Chapter 19 Database Installation And Configuration
Chapter 20 Database Configuration And Administration Using Sap Brtools
Chapter 21 Database Backup And Restore

Part VII: Sap Performance Tuning And Sizing
Chapter 22 Sap Performance Tuning In The Abap Stack
Chapter 23 Sap Performance Tuning In The Java Stack
Chapter 24 Sap System Sizing Overview

Part VIII: Sap Upgrades
Chapter 25 Sap Upgrade Of An Abap Stack
Chapter 26 Sap Upgrade Of The Java Stack

Part IX: Sap System Copy
Chapter 27 Sap Homogeneous System Copies
Chapter 28 Sap Heterogeneous System Copies

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