HBR Guide to Office Politics (HBR Guide Series) (by Karen Dillon)

Author(s): Karen Dillon

Publisher: Harvard Business Review Press
Publish date: 2014-12-09
ISBN-10: 1625275323
ISBN-13: 9781625275325
Language: English
Don’t let destructive drama sideline your career.
Every organization has its share of political drama:
Personalities clash. Agendas compete. Turf wars erupt. But you
need to work productively with your colleagues—even difficult
ones—for the good of your organization and your career. How can
you do that without compromising your personal values? By
acknowledging that power dynamics and unwritten rules exist—and
navigating them constructively.
The HBR Guide to Office Politics will help you succeed at
work without being a power grabber or a corporate climber.
Instead you’ll cultivate a political strategy that’s… more…

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