Frontiers in Statistics (by Hira L Koul)

Author(s): Hira L Koul

Publisher: Imperial College Press
Publish date: 2006-07-17
ISBN-10: 1860946704
ISBN-13: 9781860946707
Language: English
Description: During the last two decades, many areas of statistical inference
have experienced phenomenal growth. This book presents a timely
analysis and overview of some of these new developments and a
contemporary outlook on the various frontiers of statistics.
Eminent leaders in the field have contributed 16 review articles
and 6 research articles covering areas including semi-parametric
models, data analytical nonparametric methods, statistical
learning, network tomography, longitudinal data analysis, financial
econometrics, time series, bootstrap and other re-sampling
methodologies, statistical computing, generalized nonlinear
regression and mixed effects… more…

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