Teaching Internet Basics: The Can-Do Guide (by Joel A. Nichols)

Author(s): Joel A. Nichols

Publisher: Libraries Unlimited
Publish date: 2014-10-14
ISBN-10: 1610697413
ISBN-13: 9781610697415
Language: English
According to Pew research published in 2013, two-thirds of public
libraries report that technology training is important in their
communities, and that 86.5 percent of public libraries offer
classes on general Internet use. Despite the ubiquitous nature of
the Internet and digital media, digital literacy instruction
remains one of the major job duties of 21st-century librarians.
In this book, author Joel Nichols helps you to close the digital
divide and make a difference in increasing information and
digital literacy for your patrons, offering tested content and
methods that will make it easier for librarians to provide… more…

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