Robots and Communication (by Eleanor Sandry)

Author(s): Eleanor Sandry

Publisher: Palgrave Pivot
Publish date: 2015-03-18
ISBN-10: 113746836X
ISBN-13: 9781137468369
Language: English
Robots and Communication examines human-robot interactions as
models of communication. Robots are intriguing communicators
because they are created in such a variety of forms. Some are
built to appear humanlike, while others are not humanlike in any
way, with many different designs existing in the continuum
between these extremes. In order to explore human interactions
with robots from across this range—from familiar to radically
other— this book employs a range of different communication
theories and considers how each of them provides a different
perspective on what happens when humans and robots meet and
interact. The… more…

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