Laptops Just the Steps For Dummies (by Ryan C. Williams)

Author(s): Ryan C. Williams

Publisher: For Dummies
Publish date: 2008-10-06
ISBN-10: 0470285834
ISBN-13: 9780470285831
Language: English
Description: You'll get the straight, simple lessons that you need to
effectively use your Vista powered laptop in Laptops Just the Steps
For Dummies . Get where you need to go with a minimum of steps!
This book lays out a specific goal and helps you achieve it with a
series of lessons, paired with tips and graphics to illustrate the
task. You can read this book from cover to cover or skip to the
parts that you need to know. In a flash, you will understand the
basic parts, switches, and drives that make up your laptop. You'll
learn how to operate the main functions of Windows Vista, like
managing user accounts, navigating the system, and working with
files,… more…

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