8 Ways to Avoid Probate (by Mary Randolph)

Author(s): Mary Randolph

Publisher: Nolo.com
Publish date: 2003-02
ISBN-10: 0873379152
ISBN-13: 9780873379151
Language: English
Description: Estate planning? You can save your family time, money and peace of
mind with a few easy steps.
Probate court proceedings can drag on for years, and the
costs–lawyer's fees, appraisal fees, court fees — can easily
eat up thousands of dollars that would otherwise go to your
Luckily, there are simple and effective ways to completely avoid
probate. Some are so simple that they can be taken care of in the
time it takes to open a bank account-and most of them won't cost
you a penny.
With 8 Ways to Avoid Probate, learn how to take advantage of
eight important — and often overlooked — probate-avoidance
strategies:… more…

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