Web Development with jQuery, 2nd Edition

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Newly revised and updated resource on jQuery’s many features andadvantages

Web Development with jQuery offers a major update to thepopular Beginning JavaScript and CSS Development with jQueryfrom 2009. More than half of the content is new or updated, andreflects recent innovations with regard to mobile applications,jQuery mobile, and the spectrum of associated plugins.

Readers can expect thorough revisions with expanded coverage ofevents, CSS, AJAX, animation, and drag and drop. New chapters bringdevelopers up to date on popular features like jQuery UI,navigation, tables, interactive capabilities, and audio and video.The book focuses on the new features of jQuery that improveperformance and speed, providing huge advantages over traditionalJavaScript. * Offers new and revised content throughout the book, whichfocuses on the most recent features and capabilities of jQuery * Serves as an essential instructional tool for web developerswith JavaScript and CSS knowledge who want to learn more * Advises readers on how to best use jQuery’s powerful,easy-to-use features to create dynamic web pages and webapplications

This resource provides a deep understanding of jQuery and setsreaders up for successful interactions with all it has tooffer.

Table of Contents

Part I The jQuery API
Chapter 1 Introduction to jQuery
Chapter 2 Selecting and Filtering
Chapter 3 Events
Chapter 4 Manipulating Content and Attributes
Chapter 5 Iteration of Arrays and Objects
Chapter 6 CSS
Chapter 7 AJAX
Chapter 8 Animation and Easing Effects
Chapter 9 Plugins
Chapter 10 Scrollbars
Chapter 11 HTML5 Drag and Drop

Part II jQuery UI
Chapter 12 Draggable and Droppable
Chapter 13 Sortable
Chapter 14 Selectable
Chapter 15 Accordion
Chapter 16 Datepicker
Chapter 17 Dialog
Chapter 18 Tabs

Part III Popular Third-Party jQuery Plugins
Chapter 19 Tablesorter
Chapter 20 Creating an Interactive Slideshow
Chapter 21 Working with HTML5 Audio and Video
Chapter 22 Creating a Simple WYSIWYG Editor

Part IV Appendices
Appendix A: Exercise Answers
Appendix B: jQuery Selectors
Appendix C: Selecting, Traversing, and Filtering
Appendix D: Events
Appendix E: Manipulating Content, Attributes, and Custom Data
Appendix F: More Content Manipulation
Appendix G: AJAX Methods
Appendix H: CSS
Appendix I: Utilities
Appendix J: Draggable and Droppable
Appendix K: Sortable
Appendix L: Selectable
Appendix M: Animation and Easing Effects
Appendix N: Accordion
Appendix O: Datepicker
Appendix P: Dialog
Appendix Q: Tabs
Appendix R: Resizable
Appendix S: Slider
Appendix T: Tablesorter
Appendix U: MediaElement

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  • Pages: 672 pages
  • Edition: 2
  • Publication Date: 2015-03-23
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  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 111886607X
  • ISBN-13: 9781118866078

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