Stuffocation (by James Wallman)

Author(s): James Wallman

Publisher: Crux Publishing
Publish date: 2014-01-20
ISBN-10: 1909979007
ISBN-13: 9781909979000
Language: English
Description: In this brilliant and original book, James Wallman explains and
analyses why Stuffocation is the most pressing problem of
our time – and then goes in search of its solution. On the way, he
goes down the halls of the Elysée Palace with Nicolas Sarkozy, up
in a helicopter above Barbra Streisand's house on the California
coast, and into the world of the original Mad Men.
Through fascinating characters and brilliantly told stories,
Wallman introduces the innovators whose lifestyles provide clues to
how we will all be living tomorrow, and he makes some of the
world's most counterintuitive, radical, and worldchanging ideas
feel inspiring – and… more…

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