My Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (by Craig James Johnston, Guy Hart-Davis)

Author(s): Craig James Johnston, Guy Hart-Davis

Publisher: Que Publishing
Publish date: 2015-04-24
ISBN-10: 0789754509
ISBN-13: 9780789754509
Language: English
Description: My Samsung Galaxy Note 4 helps you quickly get started
with your Note 4 and use its features to perform day-to-day
activities from anywhere, any time.
Full-color, step-by-step tasks walk you through getting and keeping
your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 working just the way you want. Learn how
Make the most of Galaxy Note 4’s powerful hardware–from S
Pen to sensors
Connect the right way at the right time, with Bluetooth,
Wi-Fi, VPNs, NFC, and beaming
Transform your Galaxy Note 4 into a Wi-Fi hotspot others can
Access websites fast and sync bookmarks across all your
Customize your wallpaper, keyboard,… more…

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