HTML5, JavaScript, and jQuery 24-Hour Trainer

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Master web app development with hands-on practice and video demonstration

HTML5, JavaScript, and jQuery 24-Hour Trainer shows you how to build real-world HTML5 apps — both web-based and mobile — in combination with JavaScript, jQuery, and CSS/CSS3. You’ll learn progressively more advanced skills as you work through the series of hands-on video lessons. Exercises and screencasts walk you step-by-step through the process of building web applications, and give you the opportunity to experiment and extend the examples to create your own working web app. You’ll gain a solid understanding of the fundamental technologies, and develop a skillset that fully exploits the functionality of web development tools.

Although HTML5 is at the forefront of web development, it exists within an ecosystem that also includes CSS/CSS3, JavaScript, and JavaScript libraries like jQuery. Building robust, functional web applications requires a clear understanding of these technologies, and more importantly, the manner in which they fit together. This is your step-by-step guide to building web apps, with a hands-on approach that helps you learn by doing.

  • Master the fundamentals of HTML and HTML5
  • Explore multimedia capabilities and CSS3
  • Integrate offline data storage, background processes, and other APIs
  • Adapt web applications for mobile phones and tablets

Whether you’re looking for a quick refresher or a first-time lesson, HTML5, JavaScript, and jQuery 24-Hour Trainer will quickly get you up to speed.

Table of Contents

Part I: HTML and CSS
Lesson 1: Introduction to HTML5
Lesson 2: Basic HTML
Lesson 3: Lists and Tables
Lesson 4: Introduction to CSS
Lesson 5: Structuring Pages with CSS
Lesson 6: HTML Forms
Lesson 7: Semantic Tags
Lesson 8: HTML5 Validation
Lesson 9: Drag and Drop
Lesson 10: Dynamic Elements

Part II: Dynamic HTML5 Web Applications with JavaScript and jQuery
Lesson 11: JavaScript
Lesson 12: Debugging
Lesson 13: Functions
Lesson 14: Objects
Lesson 15: JSON
Lesson 16: Document Object Model
Lesson 17: jQuery Selection
Lesson 18: jQuery Traversal and Manipulation
Lesson 19: jQuery Events
Lesson 20: Data Attributes and Templates
Lesson 21: jQuery Plugins

Part III: HTML5 Multimedia
Lesson 22: HTML5 Audio
Lesson 23: HTML5 Video
Lesson 24: Canvas: Part I
Lesson 25: Canvas: Part II
Lesson 26: CSS3: Part I
Lesson 27: CSS3: Part II
Lesson 28: CSS3 Media Queries

Lesson 29: Web Servers
Lesson 30: Web Storage
Lesson 31: IndexedDB
Lesson 32: Application Cache
Lesson 33: Web Workers
Lesson 34: Files
Lesson 35: AJAX
Lesson 36: Promises

Part V: Mobile
Lesson 37: Responsive Web Design
Lesson 38: Location API
Lesson 39: jQuery Mobile: Part I
Lesson 40: jQuery Mobile: Part II

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