What the Dog Saw: And Other Adventures (by Malcolm Gladwell)

Author(s): Malcolm Gladwell

Publisher: Little, Brown & Company
Publish date: 2009-10-20
ISBN-10: 1600249159
ISBN-13: 9781600249150
Language: English
Description: Over the past decade, Malcolm Gladwell has become the most gifted
and influential journalist in America. In The New Yorker,
his writings are such must-reads that the magazine charges
advertisers significantly more money for ads that run within his
articles. With his #1 bestsellers, The Tipping Point,
Blink and Outliers, he has reached millions of
readers. And now the very best and most famous of his New
Yorker pieces are collected in a brilliant and provocative
anthology. Among the pieces: his investigation into why there are
so many different kinds of mustard but only one kind of ketchup; a
surprising assessment of what makes for a safer… more…

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