Managing Liquidity in Banks: A Top Down Approach (by Rudolf Duttweiler)

Author(s): Rudolf Duttweiler

Publisher: Wiley
Publish date: 2009-05-26
ISBN-10: 0470740469
ISBN-13: 9780470740460
Language: English
Description: Due to the current credit crisis, liquidity is at the top of a
bank's agenda. Under severe liquidity stress, a bank is challenged
in many ways and on different levels, and simply focusing on
liquidity management at the business unit or product level does not
address the problem. Here is a practical reference that details how
the whole business can be protected by creating a financial policy
and liquidity framework that protects the organization from
liquidity risk at all levels with a top-down approach. The book
includes the case of Commerzbank, under stress in late 2002, and
shows which measures and actions were successful or not and why.

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