Python for Google App Engine (by Massimiliano Pippi)

Author(s): Massimiliano Pippi

Publisher: Packt Publishing – ebooks Account
Publish date: 2015-01-27
ISBN-10: 1784398195
ISBN-13: 9781784398194
Language: English
Master the full range of development features provided by
Google App Engine to build and run scalable web applications in
About This Book
Use the power of Python to build full-fledged, scalable web
applications running on Google's infrastructure
Learn how to use Google Cloud Platform tools and services
adding features and enriching your Python web applications
Build a real-world web application in no time with this
comprehensive step-by-step guide
Who This Book Is For
If you are a Python developer, whether you have experience in web
applications development or not, and want to rapidly deploy a… more…

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