Making Economic Sense (by Murray N. Rothbard)

Author(s): Murray N. Rothbard

Publisher: Ludwig Von Mises Institute
Publish date: 2006-03-16
ISBN-10: 0945466463
ISBN-13: 9780945466468
Language: English
Description: Do you ever watch the business news and think: what would Murray
Rothbard say about this? He remained a news junky all his life,
even while working on his grand scholarly treatises. He was no
academic snob; he believed, like Mises, that economics was the
business of everyone. It is in this book that you find his running
commentary on all the economic issues that vexed the world between
1982 and 1995. They are the same issues in the headlines today! The
goal of this hefty tome (551pp) by this master economist is to
communicate with the public about economic theory and policy, in
the form of articles that appeared in the Mises Institute's monthly
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