Putting A Face on Things: A BIT of Hello Avatar

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A crucial aspect of our cultural shift from analog to digital is the continuum between online and off-, the “x-reality” that crosses between the virtual and the real. Our avatars are not just the animated figures that populate our screens but the gestalt of images, text, and multimedia that make up our online identities. In this BIT, B. Coleman looks at the research history in HCI of putting a face on things, the consequences of virtual embodiment, and our perception of simulation.Purchasers of this MIT Press BIT will also receive a discount code (good on the MIT Press website only) for 40% off the price of the book Hello Avatar, from which this BIT is excerpted. Please email mitbits@mit.edu with your order number to receive your discount code.

Table of Contents

  • Emoticon Rising
  • From Text to Animation: Avatars as Figures of Transition
  • Walled Gardens and Other Rare Flowers
  • Age of Avatars
  • 3D Web
  • Designing Media
  • The Media Equation: The Computational Persona
  • Avatar Identity

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  • Pages: 28 pages
  • Edition: 1
  • Publication Date: 2015-03-16
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  • Language: English

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