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Difficulty: Beginner , Length: 5:00 HR, Photoshop + Photography

The Beginners Guide To Levitation is the most comprehensive levitation photography and Photoshop tutorial available anywhere.

Learn the entire process, photography and Photoshop, 3 different times for 3 different images. This guide includes over 5 hours of video tutorials, images to follow along, and even custom Photoshop brushes.

Verified For: Photoshop CS6, CC, CC 2014

Learn Photography.

In this special 30 minute photography tutorial you will learn everything you need to shoot your own levitation images. Learn pre-production, camera and technical settings, 3 levitation techniques and more.
Learn Photoshop.

Follow along with over 4:30 hours of Photoshop instruction from world renowned Photoshop instructor Aaron Nace. Learn to composite, mask, color correct, create light rays and dust, dodge and burn, liquify and levitate.

Levitation Method #1 – Supported

Levitation Method #2 – Falling

Levitation Method #3 – Jumping

Learn 3 different levitation methods from start to finish.

Click on the arrows above to slide through the PRO Tutorial Highlights.
Each slide is accompanied by a description of what you will learn in the tutorial.

What's Included In Your Download

Full Length Photography Tutorial – 30 Minute Photography Tutorial Teaching 3 Methods of Levitation.
3 Complete Photoshop Tutorials – Over 4:30 Hours of Step-by-Step instruction
Levitation 1 – The Falling Method
Section 01 – Intro and Planning (6 Minutes)
Section 02 – Cutting Out Subject (35 Minutes)
Section 03 – Color and Light Rays (37 Minutes)
Section 04 – Dust and Finishing Steps (27 Minutes)
Levitation 2 – The Jumping Method
Section 01 – Intro and Planning (6 Minutes)
Section 02 – Levitation Image 1 (30 Minutes)
Section 03 – Levitation Image 2 (45 Minutes)
Levitation 3 – The Supported Method
Section 01 – Intro and Planning (6 Minutes)
Section 02 – Combining Subject (44 Minutes)
Section 03 – Coloring and Finishing (37 Minutes)
Original Images – 13 Images Included for Practice
Custom Brushes

Before anyone report this as a dupe, don't, the files/structure are not identical, so I could not just seed the former torrent that had no seeders. This is the version from CGPersia shared by jackinmedia

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