Our Kids: The American Dream in Crisis (by Robert D. Putnam)

Author(s): Robert D. Putnam

Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Publish date: 2015-03-10
ISBN-10: 1476769893
ISBN-13: 9781476769899
Language: English
Description: A groundbreaking examination of the growing inequality gap from the
bestselling author of Bowling Alone: why fewer Americans
today have the opportunity for upward mobility.
It’s the American dream: get a good education, work hard, buy a
house, and achieve prosperity and success. This is the America we
believe in—a nation of opportunity, constrained only by ability and
effort. But during the last twenty-five years we have seen a
disturbing “opportunity gap” emerge. Americans have always believed
in equality of opportunity, the idea that all kids, regardless of
their family background, should have a decent chance to improve
their lot in… more…

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