The Revolutionary Ideas of Karl Marx (by Alex Callinicos)

Author(s): Alex Callinicos

Publisher: Bookmarks
Publish date: 1995-11-19
ISBN-10: 1898876134
ISBN-13: 9781898876137
Language: English
Few thinkers have been declared irrelevant and out of date with
such frequency as Karl Marx. Hardly a decade since his death has
gone by in which establishment critics have not announced the
death of his theory. Whole forests have been felled to produce
the paper necessary to fuel this effort to marginalize the
coauthor of The Communist Manifesto.
And yet, despite their best efforts to bury him again and again,
Marx’s specter continues to haunt his detractors more than a
century after his passing. As another international economic
collapse pushes ever growing numbers out of work, and a renewed
wave of popular revolt… more…

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